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TG BC Commission Expert opinion sought to conduct caste survey

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Telangana State Commission for Backward Classes invited the opinion on caste survey from subject experts to evolve methodology, modalities, questionnaire and other concerned issues related to the caste survey action plan.
The State government had already issued GO number 26 to conduct socio-economic caste survey. On that, the BC Commission commenced deliberations with subject experts, sociologists, caste leaders, public associations, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and other groups in the society.
On Monday, Justice Chandra Kumar, Prof. Murali Manohar, Prof. PL Vishweshwar and other delegates met BC Commission Chairman Dr Vakulabharanam Krishna Mohan Rao, Commission’s Member Secretary B Bala Maya Devi, and members of the Commission CH Upendra, Shubhpradh Patel Nooli, K Kishor Goud. They submitted a detailed representation along with relevant documents and research papers on caste census.
The experts team suggested socio-economic, educational, employability and political views from scientific angle and the survey has to take place in all verticals and horizontals. They discussed Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Karnataka caste surveys.
Dr Vakulabharanam said various technologies, tools, methods, softwares, processes, procedures, case studies and operations were shared with the team and also explained Socio-Economic Caste Census-2011). Along with that he mentioned Tamil Nadu’s Ambha Shankar, Sattenathan, Justice Janardhanam and Karnataka H Kantha Raja Commission reports.
OSD to the TG BC Commission K Tulasi Ram said that very soon the Commission is going to invite all the representatives of caste associations, community leaders, NGOs, scientists, anthropologists, Linguistic and other experts from the society for their advice and suggestions in both oral and written form in connection with the action plan.

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