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‘The concept in Operation Raavan has never been explored before’

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With the Operation Raavan trailer being released, offering a glimpse into the world of the suspense thriller, debutant director Venkata Satya speaks to the media about directing the film, its insights and getting actress Radhika onboard for it.
Rakshit Atluri’s upcoming film is titled Operation Raavan, produced by Dhyan Atluri as a new age suspense thriller and directed by debutant Venkata Satya. Sangeerthana Vipin plays the lead heroine in the movie, which is slated for a grand worldwide theatrical release on August 2. The film’s trailer was released recently and it has been getting positive reviews so far.
Actor Vishwak Sen has come in support of the film by launching the film’s trailer. Debutant director Venkata Satya is glad that he is making his directorial debut with this movie. This debut is even more special because he is directing his son in the film. Explaining why he chose to direct this film, he said, “There are always people who question the need for such films. I am going to show you things that you have never seen in any movie before in Operation Raavan. These concepts have never been portrayed in Telangana, Andhra, or even America. Not even Rajamouli has touched on such topics on screen. These are your thoughts. The impact of your thoughts determines whether you are good or bad. Your thoughts define who you are.”
He went on to inform, “I made Operation Raavan based on this principle. It’s the first time these ideas are being visualised on screen. Directing my son did not influence me much. As a director, my focus remains on the story I wish to narrate. Rakshit has delivered a commendable performance. We harbour two kinds of thoughts: good and bad. If bad dominates good, we experience misery. Conversely, if good thoughts are overwhelmed by bad, we turn into malevolent individuals. Rama embodies goodness, while Ravana represents evil thoughts. Whether I have successfully conveyed this idea as a director will be evident from the audience’s response on August 2.”
Speaking about how he managed to get actress Radhika on board, he shared, “Radhika played a pivotal role in our movie. It was challenging to approach her and explain the storyline. However, once on set, she performed exactly as directed. I am a director’s actress; if the director is satisfied with the shot, that’s sufficient. Among all the films she has worked on, Operation Raavan will likely remain the most memorable. Our movie stands apart. It’s completely distinct.”

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