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‘The internet is also blaming me for insulting my husband; I beg your pardon?’

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Actress Aishwarya Sharma, who recently got evicted from the Bigg Boss house, gets candid with The Pioneer about being a part of reality shows, her conflict with Ankita Lokhande, and more.
The recent back-to-back eviction from the Bigg Boss season 17 saw not just one but four contestants leaving the  house—one of them was Aishwarya Sharma. Popularly known for her role in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKPM), she played the game adroitly and tried to be fair and least influenced on the show. Recently, she sat down for a conversation with The Pioneer, where she said, “I take all the criticisms in stride!”
The actress further continued, “I wasn’t expecting to be a part of any reality television shows—more than Bigg Boss. Khatron Ke Khiladi was the best thing ever to happen to me yet. It was during my stint in Khatron Ke Khiladi that I was offered Bigg Boss, and I couldn’t have turned down the offer because the latter is another of the biggest reality television shows in our country.” For the information of our readers, Neil Batt, also the husband of our interviewee, wasn’t a part of the contract yet.
Therefore, the television actress spills the beans: “Having Neil by my side in the show had nothing to do with only togetherness; he was a part of the show because the makers were also interested in casting him. So when I had a meeting with the makers, my husband had come to pick me up, and that’s when it popped into their heads: Why not cast the power couple together? Until then, knowing my husband, I was wondering who’d be least interested. To a greater extent, my husband was confused as to how he would live without me for so long. Eventually, he gave in.”
She further added, “I acknowledge that my husband is a quiet man, but that doesn’t hold him accountable for our public perception as a couple. He’s a kind soul, so conscious that he doesn’t like to hurt anybody’s sentiments. His silence for a while was being misinterpreted! I have always been the belligerent partner amongst us, and I have no qualms about it. The internet is also criticizing me to no end! They are holding me accountable for insulting my husband in a public forum. My personality is under the radar, and I am currently trying to navigate a sea full of comparisons. The makers didn’t show my cheerful incidents with the contestants because it’s a well-edited show. None of the celebrities have the shortest idea of how they are being projected outside by the makers. Most of them are going to be dumbstruck.”
When we asked the Code Red actress whether she was able to go through the allegations that her ex-colleague Soundous Moufakir has hurled at her, the actress replied, “She was the worst contestant in the history of the KKK. She’s just trying to come to blows with me for approval. She doesn’t know how to talk properly, and when someone speaks, she starts to name-call. I read her tweet, too! My only response to her would be to close her mouth because the country knows she doesn’t like me. The error also lies with the media when they highlight such unsubstantiated tweets and turn them into page 3 headlines.”
Aishwarya then shared, “I don’t feel sorry about any of my loud reactions because I was the only contestant who had the instinct to show the real emotions. That’s how I exchange blows with anyone in my real life; that’s how I feel annoyed. I couldn’t have falsified my personality; that shows I didn’t cheat the makers, unlike a few contestants who are behaving like prima donnas on television. My mood swings were real! The makers would have been least interested in casting a calm and composed Aishwarya anyway.”
The former contestant hinting at her conflict with Ankita Lokhande continues, “Ankita looks possessed whenever she’s not wearing make-up, and I am not kidding. I don’t like the couple anymore. Ankita is certainly not how she’s jutting out on the show. I know her personally, and she’s not this noblewoman in the outside world. She still hasn’t come out of her last serial; she thinks she’s Archana in real life. I couldn’t see her alacrity in the show or outside. She’s embroiled in the controversy now because she’s been claiming to be the starlet! I would never like to speak to her, and I am never going to hug her out. We repent of going to their house parties also because we were never friends! In turn, her husband questions me about why we didn’t ever invite them over. How descipable? Number one: we are not out of work. Number two: My husband and I don’t like to waste a penny on everyday parties like these.”
Speaking about no end to hate online, Aishwarya Sharma said, “It’s okay to be short-tempered. We are all humans. The fault is at the makers end because they showed my audience really partial clips! Vicky Jain was getting on my nerves. How can I not be impulsive? I don’t have anger issues, as the makers have projected me to be. I have to bear the brunt now—there is so much negativity on my feeds. I am disappointed in Salman Khan for not giving me any guidance or feedback; I was only screamed at. He was least interested in knowing the reasons behind the same, even if it was why I was screaming on top of my lungs. I had my reasons! Somewhere down the line, I was looking like a bad partner for various reasons, including my husband’s serenity. Nobody wants to look like a dangerous woman on national television.”
SHE MAKES WEIRD FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: Yeah, I don’t have control over it, and it’s funny to me. I wish I would have asked celebrities coming over how I was looking outside for this!
SHE IS JEALOUS OF ANKITA LOKHANDE: Mere paas kya nahi hai joh ankita ke paas hai? I am assuming her PR team is devoted to my comment box! Why is there so much bad news about my husband and me? Is it because Vicky Jain has bought some bots for the family?
NEIL DOESN’T DESERVE YOU: Yeah, right, Neil will tell them
IT WAS A FAIR EVICTION: I wish the media would have picked up on tasteful comments rather than distasteful ones.
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