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The Love for the vintage watch

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Collecting vintage watches is a passion that has been around for ages and the interest has only grown with time. Be it the love for history behind the timepieces, the intricate detailing in the design or the exceptional state-of-the-art technology, collectors are fascinated by different areas in horology. However, building an impressive vintage watch collection requires more than just an eye for stunning timepieces. It also requires a lot of time, effort and patience.

So if you’re looking to dip your toes into the vintage watch world, here are a few tips you should keep in mind before you get started by Jehangir Readymoney, luxury timepiece expert at AstaGuru.

Do your homework : While you may feel the need to rush into buying what you like, you would benefit from taking time to read as much material as you find on vintage timepieces. Look into websites, books, old catalogues, magazines and ads for more information about your favourite brands or categories of watches you like. Forums with other collectors too have a wealth of information from people who have been buying for years and have made mistakes that you could avoid in the future.

Pay special attention to the condition: When buying vintage watches, condition is always key. The condition determines the value, the value it will hold if you mean to resell it later and the worth it holds as a collector’s item. A watch that may have been polished once or twice to regain its sheen might be fine, but an over-polished watch might lose its hallmarks, shape and look. Working vintage watches that still retain their original parts instead of replacement ones also hold more value. While American collectors do enjoy a certain amount of patina on their watches as it indicates the history and use of watches, other collectors feel like it permanently alters the look of the watch.

Find trusted sellers: This may be one of the most important points to note when starting out in the timepiece world. Always read reviews of sellers and ask collectors from the watch community before buying. You can find a lot of information on authentic sellers on watch forums as well. Do not be afraid to ask for pictures and more questions from the sellers you do find. It pays to take your time and spend more to buy from reputed dealers than to end up with a fake or different version than you desired while paying less.

Find an expert watchmaker: If you plan to grow your collection or even repair a singular vintage watch, you will need to find a good watchmaker that will have the parts and skills you need. Look for someone who specialises in vintage timepieces that you’re interested in so that your watch can last you a long time. Make sure you’ve discussed the cost of repairs and sourcing parts needed ahead of time.

Focus on your niche: It’s important to know the niches you enjoy and narrow in on them when you begin your vintage watch journey. Some people enjoy vintage sports watches, while others are fascinated by military watches. Some collectors pick watches from different eras while others enjoy collecting watches from a specific luxury brand. Once you are able to hone in on what pulls you to collect, it’ll become easier to practise all of the above pointers and over time deep dive into this world.

Vintage watches have become more sought after in the recent past and the market is only growing. What’s most important is to enjoy the journey as you delve into this vast and ever-evolving world.

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