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Therapeutic sea sounds make Uorfi travel back to Goa

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Uorfi, the viral sensation, is not only ruling the internet but also the Splitsvilla kingdom in its ongoing season. Bringing to you the travel tales of Uorfi, The Pioneer connects with the internet sensation, sharing with us her travel diaries.

Shikha Duggal

The mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures at once makes the viral internet sensation, Uorfi Javed visit Goa most of the time.The dotted beach huts, reddish sand, and lagoons are the most favourite parts of this trending island.

Moving away from the overly crowded areas, she’s rather interested in the hidden spots. “I even love doing water sports there; that place calms me down. Yes, it’s touristy, but the few secret lakes do the trick for me,” she shares.

There’s always something new to explore in Goa because, as small as it appears on the map, it’s rather massive in its interior. Uorfi, who is currently seen ruling the Splitsvilla kingdom, continues, “My preferred place to stay in Goa is always a villa because that’s what I miss back in Bombay. We need some space to breathe! I always stay in the same villa in Goa; nothing changes there. The sound of the sea can be very therapeutic.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, a stay at one of the villas on the beach might be the best option. There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of the gentle waves!”Goa was once a Portuguese colony, and the influences can be found in their food too. With a mix of tamarind, coconut, curry leaves, mustard, and magic, Goans definitely know how to rock their curries too. “You can not only find plenty of fresh seafood but also real beef steaks, which are rare in India. Moreover, Goa has some amazing places for European food too.

Most of the beaches are dotted with sea-facing shacks that are typically run by local Goan families. It’s easy for me to spend almost an entire day sitting on the beach beds of these shacks and gazing at the sea. I love it! Almost all of these shacks have a beach bar too, where I order from a range of local brews.” And what about the old-school psychedelic trance gatherings? So for Uorfi, travelling is more of a learning experience.

She says, “You learn languages. You learn about their culture. You learn history. You get to know their political situation too; it intrigues me. You explore the exotica, and the list continues.”

She’s planning a trip to the Maldives soon, hoping to see the famous white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean, as well as live in a stilted waterside villa.“The dining experience is something else that attracts me — the underwater restaurant. It’s like dining among the wild fish! The seafood also offers you a Thai mix, as I have heard from my friends, so why not give it a try, although my true attachment lies in Goa only,” she concludes.

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