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‘There’s so much to explore in mountains, but tour operators are only taking you to five places’

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Renowned content creators Rohan Thakur and Bharti Bahrani, often known as ‘Ronnie and Barty’, speak about their tales of travels to the beautiful mountains.
Saying you want to go to the Himalayas is one thing, but really carrying through with the move and doing it well is quite another. This is the tale of a mountain film couple and how their path made them into one of the nation’s leading content producers. “Especially during my summer holidays, I spent a lot of time in the mountains. I’ve always known, somewhere, that here is where I want to be. Upon our meeting, Ronnie and I talked about how much we wanted to be in the mountains,” said Barty.
Renowned content creators Rohan Thakur and Bharti Bahrani, often known as ‘Ronnie and Barty,’ teamed up as collaborators in both life and business. Their story’s only fanciful element is that they met on a movie shoot and are now mountain dwellers! In actuality, Ronnie corroborates the same. “However, we had assumed it would be more of a retirement strategy. Curveballs are a part of life, and we had a big one! Moving out of the city and changing bases was the easiest way to escape the mindset we were in. We made one of the best decisions of our lives there, I think. My hometown is Manali. I moved to a metropolis, like any other Himachali, to study and find work. But every Himachali kid eventually finds a kind of home calling in their lives.”
The Manali-based filmmaking duo records their leisurely pace of life and frequent Himalayan adventures. They have gained a lot of notoriety in the creative community. It is highly probable that you have encountered their work if you appreciate excellent storytelling and cinematography. “I was used to Mumbai’s fast pace,” Barty remarked. “The first several months were difficult for me. I had to put in some time and deliberate effort to adjust to this new pace of life. However, you must adapt to the way that the environment and the place work and refrain from trying to force your own way of doing things there.”
They create stunning content, which is what they do best, and by doing so, they create a vivid image of their ideal existence in our minds. Not a person would not want to live there, with their own organic farm, a dog, and arguably the nicest weather in the nation. “There’s so much to explore, but tour operators are only taking you to five places,” he says further. “We lack electricity, clean water, sewage systems, and decent roads. That’s the issue! That being said, since we are not the government and are unaware of any obstacles they may be encountering, we might not be the best individuals to help. The problem is intricate. Cherish the moment and stay in the present. Taking a step back and not treating life like a to-do list is the essence of slow living.”
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