Thursday, May 30, 2024

‘Thirsty Bowl’ to help animals and birds beat the heat

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The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has launched a heartwarming initiative called ‘Thirsty Bowl’ to ensure the well-being of stray animals and birds during the scorching summer months. This programme aligns perfectly with the ongoing Eco Vizag campaign’s focus on environmental sustainability and responsible practices.
Officially inaugurated by Commissioner CM Saikanth Varma, Thirsty Bowl embodies the theme, ‘where compassion meets action’. The programme directly tackles the critical issue of animal welfare by providing essential water sources and shelters for stray dogs and birds. Commissioner Varma emphasised the initiative’s importance, particularly as summer brings the challenge of scarce water for these vulnerable creatures.
Thirsty Bowl goes beyond just providing water bowls. The GVMC is committed to securing permanent shelters and creating a more supportive environment for stray animals to thrive within the city limits. This focus complements the broader goals of the Eco Vizag campaign, which aims to cultivate a culture of environmental consciousness and responsible practices across Visakhapatnam. By prioritising animal welfare, the GVMC strives to build a more compassionate and inclusive community that values all life forms.
To further engage the public, Commissioner Varma has announced a series of outreach programmes and awareness campaigns. These initiatives will include workshops, volunteer opportunities, and educational programmes designed to foster empathy and support for animal welfare.

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