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Throw YSRCP out of power: Pawan Kalyan

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The Jana Sena chief says he will apprise Amit Shah & Nadda of his party’s truck with TDP

PNS | Vijayawada

Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan has said that it is high time the YSRCP is dislodged from power in the State and appealed to his party workers not to underestimate their political adversaries.

Speaking before JSP leaders at the State office in Mangalagiri on Saturday, Pawan Kalyan emphasised the presence of seasoned political figures within the YSRCP, cautioning against complacency. He declared, “It is high time to oust the YSRCP from the State. If Jagan Mohan Reddy secures power once again, the State cannot endure his leadership. We should not fear their leadership; instead, we must confront them.”

K Pawan Kalyan, known for his individual political prowess, stressed the need for Jana Sena to collectively amass strength for a successful electoral outcome. He underscored that his primary goal was the progress of Andhra Pradesh, not personal ambition for a high office. He announced the party’s aspiration to secure parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections.

The Jana Sena leader underscored the necessity for political stability and effective law enforcement within the state. Terming the YSRCP a ‘pest’, he hinted at the potential of the BJP joining forces with the JSP-TDP alliance to unseat the YSRCP in the next elections.

This address marked K Pawan Kalyan’s first official announcement of an alliance with the TDP, and he sought validation from his party’s leaders regarding this strategic move. The JSP leaders responded with resounding applause.

Pawan Kalyan claimed that the people of the State were receptive to his proposal of an alliance with the TDP. He urged his cadre to refrain from derogatory remarks about the TDP, particularly in light of the imprisonment of Chandrababu Naidu, and instead focus on policy matters.

Furthermore, he vowed to communicate with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National president JP Nadda, explaining the JSP’s alliance with the TDP and the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh. He noted that BJP leaders were also opposing the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu.

Meanwhile, the Jana Sena Party has established a coordinated committee under the leadership of Nadendla Manohar to oversee matters pertaining to the alliance with the TDP.

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