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‘Tiger Shroff, it’s okay. Even I am a lioness,’ reacts Khanzaadi to the former’s comment

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Bigg Boss 17’s recent elimination episode saw Khanzaadi, aka Firoza Khan’s journey inside the house come to an end. It seems like her carefree nature was mistaken for pushover behavior by the host of the show. What remains constant is that the rapper continues to be vibrant and not underscoring her cool, even in the exclusive telephonic conversation with us. Well, and so she begins, “I went inside the most controversial reality television show to make a name for myself globally. What happened after a few days shook me! Unconvincingly, I had to share deets about my medical history. I was really uncomfortable. It was so heartbreaking to see how the contestants blew it out of proportion and threw the sympathy card at me. It was revolting! Abhishek Kumar wasn’t stopping either; he continued to do it again, leading to my emotional breakdown. This showed me my way back home.”
She had a few surmises to look out for. The fearless ex-contestant expressed, “I was waiting for me to be called inside the confession room. I wanted the makers to give a hint to the contestants to stop discussing my medical history because it was upsetting to me. I felt bullied by them.”
After seeing plenty of twists and turns in the game, she goes on to speak extensively with us: “I kept on wondering why I was not being called inside the confession room when others were. They were calling me a negative person while I was cooking for the contestants. Isn’t it distressing to hear? But one can’t dismiss my swagger quotient because I am a hip-hop girl.”
Reacting to Tiger Shroff’s comment, she said, “It’s okay, Tiger, even I am a lioness! And I totally accept that my habit of talking too much has affected my professional relationship with Salman Khan because I shouldn’t have walked away from him. I apologize to him. In fact, Mannara Chopra claimed that I have bipolar disorder, which is completely baseless. The fandom’s reactions say otherwise. Instead, I should be extremely angry with her for calling me characterless on a public forum, and so should I be angry with the makers for not calling out this as an important issue. They got me accustomed to feeling libeled.”
As soon as she switched on the internet, the singer and songwriter was dumfounded. Ask her why, and she retorts, “I was receiving organic love on the internet. For a while, I was so confused! Are they paid followers and bots? No, it wasn’t. I am “not” guilty as charged because I don’t think I offended the platform I was on. I was neither complaining nor demanding any external services that weren’t bound by the contract. What I am really grateful for is Abhishek Kumar, because even after whatever happened, I could see him not being able to see me breaking down, which touched me. I am not going to label the bond we share.”
Several Twitteratis came in support of Khanzaadi post her eviction. Here are a few reactions:
National crush of the country: I am blushing.
You were evicted due to a personal grudge. It was my mistake to be vocal about going home; makers felt it.
You were the reason to watch Bigg Boss. I wish I knew this before; I wouldn’t have quit ever
The show is biased: Maybe?
Bashed unnecessarily on WKV: I regret walking away from Salman Khan.
Salman Khan was rude to you: I am petrified of him!
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