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Timeless designs honed for all generations

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Armed with in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise in the realm of architecture, Ramesh Edwankar, through his design, architect and the firm is known for transforming basic brick and mortar into extraordinary spaces. Each architectural project that they undertake, employs a dedication to design excellence, efficient delivery, and sophistication in building technology.
Well, today we have his son, Ar. Kunal Edwankar, Director, of RED Architecture & Interior Design, discusses his dad’s approach and philosophy to design throughout his illustrious career— “His design philosophy was rooted in a profound understanding of clients. He believed in attentive listening, extending to all project stakeholders. The research formed the initial step, encompassing space, climate, and generational family habits. Conceptual drawings were honed thoroughly.
His careful attention to detail was a defining trait, with every element subject to rigorous scrutiny. Detailed blueprints guided consultants and contractors, always focused on maximising space efficiently. Material selection involved a global search for the latest designs and technology. Integration of architecture and interiors from the conceptual stage ensured a seamless and economical approach. His designs often featured semi-open spaces and skylights, blending aesthetics with functionality.”
His portfolio features standout projects like the ABIL House office building in Pune, a pinnacle of architectural excellence. This landmark, known for impeccable service, reflects his relentless pursuit of perfection. This project served as a testament to his skill in balancing form and function, exemplifying architectural innovation. Further, Akalpya, the Torrent House in Ahmedabad showcases his ability to seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics, standing as one of the architectural landmarks. His personal residences in Mumbai and Pune reflect keen attention to detail, blending aesthetics with functionality.
Well, “Each project underscores his capacity to redefine design norms, leaving a lasting impact on the architectural world. He maintained an insatiable appetite for learning, spanning various fields like architecture, interiors, engineering, product design, and art. He traveled extensively across India and the world, studying the works of diverse designers. Over five decades, he visited every top design fair and art exhibit globally, always considering himself a perpetual student.
Engaging with college boards, spending time with students, and collaborating with faculty members were also integral to his passion for nurturing future talent. His work ethic resonates with a sentiment he often articulated, “If a pursuit isn’t worthy of losing sleep over, then it may not be worth undertaking at all. This ethos has since become a strong principle within our practice.”
Not everything comes within so easily, and so does one has to go with multiple challenges, to reach where they are today. Similar was it for Ramesh Edwankar as well. But today, his challenges, approaches, and philosophy have made his firm, one of the best ones, when one thinks of architectural innovations.
Taking us through some of the significant challenges in his projects, and the valuable lessons Kunal learned from his approach, he shares, “It required a delicate balance, harmonising the client’s vision with technical intricacies. Despite its demands, he adeptly navigated it, employing a signature stage-wise progress approach. He often reiterated, “We’re not content with a single checklist; even our checklists have their own checklists.”
Moreover, he held steadfast to the value of persistence, expecting sincere dedication and efficiency from every team member involved in his projects. Personal review of every design and detail was a standard practice for him. Punctuality was another cornerstone of his work ethic, earning him a reputation for being famously punctual.”
Continuing its legacy, he feels is a substantial responsibility, coupled with an incredible opportunity. And, so today, he and Pratik, as a team, “aim to preserve the core values my dad established – a profound understanding of clients, a keen attention to detail, and the creation of resonant spaces. As an architect, interior designer, and product designer, I have collaborated on various projects with my dad.On the other hand, Pratik specialises in art consultancy and luxury furniture. Both of us have been steeped in the same design principles and vision imparted by our dad, further ensuring continuity in the pursuit of excellence.”
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