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Tina Datta targets MC Stan by making fun of his jewelry worth crores

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In last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, housemates chose Soundarya Sharma as captain over Vikas Manaktala. This gave her charge of the next captaincy task, where two other captains of the week were chosen. Soundarya picked MC Stan and Sreejita De to be her partners in the decision. Well, rapper Stan has slowly and steadily made a distinctive presence in the BB house. 

As stated in the promo for tonight’s episode, newly formed captain MC Stan is seen nominating his former friend Tina Datta for eliminations. The Uttaran actress’ ego seemed hurt by this step of the rapper, and she made fun of Stan’s ornaments by screaming that “Stan is wearing a mask behind all his heavy jewelry.” 

Stan gave a compatible reply back by remarking, “Jewelry pe mat jaa, tera ghar Jayenga usme.” Meanwhile, Tina’s buddy Shalin Bhanot unnecessarily steps in between the two, asking the rapper not to act smart, which he has done several times when he has tried to provoke the rapper and been successful. 

However, Stan is now the captain of the house, and he gave an appropriate response to the stimuli by taking a stand for himself. We also witnessed an evolution in his persona, that now he’s not going to sit back and cry; instead, he’s ready to confront such situations and overcome them on his own. 

Stan’s rage has left the audience and inmates stunned. Some of his fans are quite happy to see him in a new avatar. 

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