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Tips to look natural with makeup

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It might be challenging to create natural makeup looks. You must first choose the proper cosmetics for your skin tone and skin type. The no-makeup makeup style has always been popular among fans. It enables you to embrace your features and highlight them for a gorgeous appearance.

Prep your skin well:
To create any look, preparation of your skin is essential. Before you start, be sure to carefully cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin using a thin moisturiser. In order to achieve the greatest results, prime your skin with a primer. This will give you a base that is smooth and make it easier for your foundation to apply.

Use tinted or light foundation:
Select a tinted moisturiser or light foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone.You can also go with BB creams or CC creams. When blending the product in, use a buffing brush. Because it buffs in the cream exceptionally well and leaves your skin looking skin.

Use concealer:
To make your eyes brighter and get rid of any redness or dark circles. Apply a concealer and use your buffing brush to blend the concealer out until there are no visible harsh lines.

Go for cream blush:
The most natural-looking blush is cream blush without any shimmer or glitter. It is extremely sheer and has a texture akin to your skin. Apply a small amount of blush with a blush brush, then thoroughly blend it in with a buffing brush. Another method is to apply a little with your ring finger on the lower chin and nose tip. After that, lightly blur it out with your middle and ring fingers to give yourself a flushed appearance.

Neutral or earthy eyeshadow:
It’s time to enhance your eyes when you finish with your base. To begin, apply a neutral or earthy eyeshadow pallet to the eyelids to give the eyes a light lift. Afterward, use a premium eyelash curler to curl your lashes.

Lip gloss instead of lipstick:
For no makeup look avoid dark lip shades.Lip glosses or lip tints in a natural colour is the best option. To match your natural makeup look, pick a light pink or peach shade to give your lips a rosy sheen. You can also go with nude brown shades.

(The writer, Suhani Sethi, is a makeup artist)

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