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Tollywood revived Kavya Thapar’s filmy journey

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Actress Kavya Thapar, known for her films like Middle Class Love, Ee Maaya Peremito, and Ek Mini Katha is currently enjoying her stardom with her back to back releases, not only in Bollywood, but also Tollywood. In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, the actress opens up about getting into Tollywood, experience in CAT, and her upcoming projects.

Shikha Duggal

A good looking babe Kavya Thapar is enjoying her stardom status with back to back releases in theaters and OTT. With recent immense love and respect from southern moviegoers for her incredible performance in  Middle Class Love and OTT release opposite Randeep Hooda called CAT—is hoping to dabble in different genres.

All set to romance Ravi Teja in another major production and another big project with Vijay Antony, we grabbed an exclusive interview with the actress to know all about how she is willing to continuously entertain everyone.

“Tollywood was the place where I had a re-birth. I still remember, it was 2017 busy doing commercials and a local coordinator approached me for my first Telugu film. I immediately rang my father, babbled this news to him and we flew down to Hyderabad. A look test happened! And, there I grabbed the role,” she excitedly shares.

The first series in Punjabi, and Kavya’s presence in there while she does not shy away from showing the emotional turmoil going on in the series was something new to see for her fans. She herself had a gala time on the sets with the leading man and shares, ‘The harsh reality of Punjab was being shown in a way that was never done before — that’s the selling point of the series. An entire adventure tends to unfold through our small screens in the bedroom, I didn’t have any reservations; I had to do it. It taught me to let my emotional cracks widen when I enter a safe space.”

Careers in the film industry are no longer a taboo. “Initially even I was hearing about the grandeur and how showbiz insidiously works, but by god’s grace, I was never approached in such a way. I just evaluate the effect of my movies on youth, that’s it. I could see how every actress is competitive to be on the number one spot, but they or I never compromised to be there.”

Commercial entertainers are the kind of movies she loves to be a part of, her filmography proves it. But why? “Well, they are non-stop entertainment.These movies occupy the maximum space in our film industries and make us bankable stars. They bring in the real box-office collections!”

Her two upcoming big movies are being anticipated by everyone. When will we see Kavya throwing her mystique on Ravi Teja is what’s being asked around in town. She gives us some exclusive tid-bits, “Everyone is in for a treat—for example, Pichaikaran 2 is such a famous franchise that I receive messages on a daily basis on when it will be released, shows how my fans are waiting and I’ll definitely not disappoint them.

I am starring opposite Vijay Antony, a dream come true.The shoot is continuing, it’s been over a year but the endeavours are worth the applause. And the Ravi Teja starrer will not just see stars but a fantastic directorial debut too.”

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