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Towards a paradigm shift in political system, governance

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The maiden public meeting of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), floated recently by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao to bring about a qualitative change in politics and governance in the country, created history by drawing national attention.

At the venue of the public meeting in Khammam, where lakhs of people had gathered amid the august presence of stalwarts in national politics who attended as chief guests, the BRS party unveiled only its national political agenda but also developmental goals.

The Chief Ministers of Delhi, Kerala, Punjab and a former CM of Uttar Pradesh, while addressing the meeting, encouraged KCR to move forward as the “Big brother'” with them and declared  that the schemes being implemented by the Telangana State government were role models for the progress of the nation.

The CMs advocated the concept of mutual learnings and vowed to take the country forward on all fronts. The public meeting gave a clear signal that KCR’s leadership is the need of the hour for the country. The ‘Telangana model of development’ stood out at the meeting, which endorsed KCR’s slogan ‘Ab Ki Baar Kisan Sarkar’ (this time, farmers’ regime).

The Khammam meeting gave a strong assurance that India, with its abundant natural resources and human capital, would become the richest country in the world under the leadership of KCR.  The meeting underlined the need to unseat the present dispensation at the Centre.

The Khammam meeting provided a platform to the nation for bringing about paradigm shift in the political sphere and gave a slogan to people for redeeming their self-respect.  It brought key points to the attention of the nation.

In independent India, the formation of governments and the processes of movement of political parties are still reflective of the monarchical patterns seen under the colonial rule. There is no specific action plan for a specific period in the political and administrative spheres in the country.  Communists, Rightists and Bahujan ideologists have come forward as a political alternative and announced their aims and objectives, but failed in executing their plans.  All these alternative forces seem to have formed alliances for power and their own politics. However, KCR’s deep drive is towards resolving problems faced by people.  

India is heading towards a big crisis.  While acknowledging this, present rulers at the Centre have failed to come out with solutions and think about the nation’s growth. Karl Marx makes a crucial point while defining history. “Intellectuals are interpreting the history and related to it but failed to show the path to change the course of history”.

KCR presented an action plan to the country for the development of Telangana and the country’s wellbeing through the Telangana movement and the launch of BRS party.
The Bharatiya Janata Party is pursuing its own religious agenda. 

The entry of BRS should be analyzed from the perspective of the Telangana movement for a separate state, successful formation of the Telangana State, and the subsequent progress made in a short period of eight and a half years. Except for BRS, no party in the country has such track record. BRS is not just a party; it is like a ‘butterfly’ that has evolved through many difficult stages.

Inspired by KCR, Kejriwal gave a call that all parties in the country should talk about development and not about politics and power. Pinarayi Vijayan announced that the Telangana model of development had proved the efficient leadership of KCR.

In the 75 years of independent country Except KCR, no leader in the country has spoken about the available cultivabl lands in India, availability of river water in TMCs, power generation capacity, cropping pattern and promotion of food processing and making India a source of food for the world. No leader explained about these issues with statistical data till the date , except CM KCR. It required commitment to show affection for people and do good things.  The rulers at the centre lacked a vision to develop the country, despite India is blessed with abundant natural resources.

Has anyone realized that the natural wealth of the country belongs to the people of this country and it does not need to beg anyone for help. It does not need to take  loan from the World Bank and fell on the feet of USA or other foreign countries for assistance. It is only KCR who is well aware of the natural wealth of the country.

India is the only country with a 139 crore hardworking talent pool.  There is enough land and water.  Sunlight is essential for growing crops.There are three distinct agro climatic zones in the country.  Apple  grows in cold places and Mangoes ripe  in tropical areas. 

Such an unique environment does not exist in other countries.  No leader explained about the India’s potential to emerge as “Annapurna” and present striking condition of eating  McDonald’s Pizzas and Burgers in our country.No  leaders touched upon the issue of changing  the course of the country except confined to politics for power. Is there a leader who  analyzed the use of irrigation water in our country, about the reservoirs and dams that have the capacity to store water on a large scale with numbers..?  KCR is the lone leader explained above mentioned subjects in detail in the country.

BRS President KCR is the only  visionary leader who conceived the idea of free power supply to the farmers in the entire country ( not only in Telangana), Dalit Bandhu, Rythu Bandhu and studied political economy under which socio- economic development will  be achieved through these schemes.

KCR is  the first ruler who raised the slogan of “the  Self-Respect of the Indian nation” asking whether the country with so many resources will beg the world. Since  a long time, the rulers of this country have been treating the people of the country as a votebank only.

KCR is  the first national leader to recognize the people of the country as a source of production.This new approach is re-thinking the political pundits and intellectuals of this country. Intellectuals took KCR’s perspective into consideration and  correcting their  writings and arguments.They realised that they did not advocate any solutions except raising questions and it is the  evident of  KCR’s success.

Khammam public meeting confirmed that our India is growing as a dominant economic power in the world.  Aam Aadmi Party President Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of the national capital Delhi, Pinarayi Vijayan as the Chief Minister of the communist government, who was elected as the first person in the world, Bhagwant Singh Man, the Chief Minister of the Punjab , which is tagged as Annapurna of  this country, Akhilesh Yadav, the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  which is the largest state in the country, acknowledged Telangana development  and affirmed that the Telangana model  is the  India model. It is a historical occasion that all CMs and national leaders endorsed  CM KCR  is a big brother with a  vision for the county.

As said  by UP former CM Akhilesh Yadav, it is an auspicious occasion that the journey of Sun is moving towards Uttarayanam on Makar Sankranti. It is  also an equal good sign  for the country that CM KCR kick started  his national politics  with a slogan of ‘ India – Self Respect ‘ from the South India.The mammoth BRS formation public meeting set out a paradigm shift in national politics and governance.

Ramesh Hazari
( PRO to CM KCR)

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