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Training for visually impaired

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In the era of advanced technology, persons with visual impairments should not be left behind. Empowering them with employability skills is the need of the hour, said Fr GAP Kishore, Principal of Andhra Loyola College said.

The admission notice for advanced employability skills training offered by Enable India free of cost was released on Friday. From December 6, training is offered at Andhra Loyola College by the trainers from Enable India. Hence, the persons of this region could make use of this training, said Correspondent Fr Sahaya Raj.

Shanti Raghavan, Founder and Managing Director of Enable India, Bangalore along with Moses Chowdary, the Project director participated online. They have informed us that this full-time course will last for 5 months and will cover intensive training on understanding disability-specific skills, Understanding company expectations, and developing skills for employment as per industry standards. The training sessions will include Mobility sessions, Employability sessions, Webinars with Experts, Self-learning courses, and submission of Project work.

Persons with a Graduation having basic computer knowledge of screen readers and other assistive aids are eligible for this training. They should have basic communication skills in English, both written and spoken.

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