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Transforming lives through the power of ‘Shakthi’

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A well-known figure in the fashion and fitness industry, Shilpa Reddy, has now ventured
into another sector of helping out the poor with the Raising Shakthi Foundation. The Pioneer quickly gets to interact with the former model, who shares about her inclination towards social work, the foundation, and more.
Shilpa Reddy, a model, former Mrs. India, and well-known figure in the fashion and fitness industries, announced the founding of her non-profit organization, Raising Shakthi Foundation, which aims to empower women and youth by teaching them entrepreneurship and skill development! The foundation will gradually introduce several initiatives aimed at youth and women’s empowerment, as well as rural development projects.
This led to an interesting and educational chat with the foundation’s founding member, who happens to be from Hyderabad. In a phone chat with us, Shilpa Reddy exclaimed with much excitement, saying, “Since I was a young child, giving back to the community has always been important to me. I recall gathering my spare change and purchasing sarees for the panhandlers begging on the streets close to my college. Numerous trusts and foundations approached me to join their boards or as a trustee, once they began to acknowledge me for who I am. Up close and personal, I could observe how these foundations were operating. I was so inspired by the impact they were making that I felt I ought to start my foundation when the time was right! I believe that at this moment in my life, I was prepared since I had the time and means to create a foundation from scratch, which I accomplished. The women are the main focus, for us.”
The Raising Shakthi Foundation works to empower young people and women by promoting sustainable living. The well-known fashion designer from the city goes on to discuss how she is empowering women, saying, “For instance, if someone is a tenth pass, they immediately don’t have a set of abilities to enter a job. If they did, it would be a pretty low-skilled one! Thus, we are establishing a center for skill development that will help them get employment right away. We have a partner in place for the implementation! Our partner has a strong network in the business. They offer beauty salon classes, tailoring, and IT soft skills training.”
The foundation’s mission is to make the world more egalitarian and sustainable for coming generations by emphasising education, skill development, and entrepreneurship. She states, “As of right now, we have selected one location for our first center—we are prepared with the demographics. We are speaking of Gajularamam, a place where there is a great deal of potential for empowerment. In addition, tests and counselling sessions will be held because it is crucial for me to identify those who are in urgent need of employment.”
“Sustainability is going to be the core of my foundation, as my other ventures and personal life are,” she replies, referring to her reputation for incorporating sustainable techniques throughout the city. “These days, women are the game-changers! We’re going entirely digital and won’t use paper. If there is any food waste, the center will also feature composting spaces. This will be ingrained in the way the foundation is operated by me, so to speak. They will undoubtedly carry on with this practice and spread awareness in the neighbourhood after they return home.” With a wide range of initiatives centered on entrepreneurship, skill building, and education, the foundation aims to enable these important populations to become change agents in their communities. With the donation of 12 lakh worth of exercise equipment to the Society for Rural Development (SRD) for a sports complex in Musheerabad, RSF has already begun construction on the project.
This fascinating interview goes on to say, “The majority of women give up to the most difficult circumstances within the family. They are neither financially independent nor able to make their own decisions! I am aware of numerous women who experience self-doubt when pushed. I’ll grant them that level of financial autonomy! Furthermore, when a woman is empowered, the community as a whole and she will undoubtedly change.”
Saying, “As of now, we are running as an individual foundation—but as we all know, collaboration is the name of the game these days,” the founder draws attention to yet another crucial component of the foundation. “We seek volunteers, money contributions, and connections to bureaucrats and government agencies that could provide us with a specific number of loans, among other forms of assistance.”
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