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Trends in edu sector to look out for in 2024

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The traditional mode of education, characterised by passive participation, has become a thing of the past. With modernisation and technological advancements reaching an all-time high, the concept of education has evolved to meet the current demands of modern-day students. The constraints of space and time are no longer applicable in the modern-day educational environment. From e-learning channels and student interaction tools to skill development and continuous learning opportunities, the means of accessing education have greatly transformed.
In addition, the next generation of technologies, such as Gen-AI, IoT, and blockchain, among others, have unlocked a new segment in the education industry. From increased collaboration and communication to personalised learning opportunities, these cutting-edge technologies have created novel learning possibilities for students. Given the growing relevance of these innovations in the education sector in the past few years, they are poised to get even more sophisticated in 2024 and beyond.
In addition to technological breakthroughs, various government-introduced educational reforms have also accelerated the revolution in the education sector. One such policy is NEP 2020 (National Education Policy), which is built on the motive of delivering high-quality and equitable education to all students. Thanks to government initiatives and technology improvements, the education industry has expanded significantly over the past decade; nevertheless, the full impact of its effective implementation is now becoming increasingly apparent.
Surpassing the traditional brick-and-mortar manner of instruction, the concept of e-learning gained immense popularity in 2023. A student residing in India can access experts and courses all across the world, thanks to e-learning platforms. Moreover, the government’s push for digital literacy also fueled the adoption of e-learning, causing institutions to launch their online learning verticals. Along with the rising adoption of e-learning platforms, students’ course choices also witnessed a significant transformation. Programmes and courses incorporating big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, among other technologies, became prominent choices for students. In response to this, contemporary institutions introduced various AI and ML programmes to provide students with dynamic experiences while equipping them for diverse industries. Given the rising prevalence of these courses, it is safe to project that their significance will only increase in 2024.
Hybrid learning
Even though the concept of online education has garnered much attention lately, it is not entirely novel. Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, addressed students’ educational demands before digital learning even existed. However, in the modern world of today, online courses have become commonplace due to the recognition they have received from the statutory bodies in India. As a connecting thread, the concept of hybrid learning came to light, which became a hit in 2023. Combining flexibility with a traditional educational framework, hybrid learning offers students the best of both in-person and virtual learning experiences. Furthermore, as students actively embrace multitasking in the future, hybrid learning is expected to gain traction in 2024 and the coming years as a way for students to balance their academic duties with personal responsibilities.
Project-based instruction:
2023 actively experienced the transition from theoretical education to practical training. While textbook learning was formerly sufficient for students, the modern generation demanded practical experience. In light of this, educational institutions introduced skill-based training programmes and project-based instruction. This allowed students to practically experience a concept rather than simply cramming it. Furthermore, virtual internships, training and development courses, and student exchange programmes all played a crucial role in expanding the horizons of learners while propelling them to learn beyond their capabilities. Looking ahead to 2024, project-based learning will become the norm, enhancing theoretical instruction while providing students with improved learning opportunities.
An optimistic look ahead
The year 2023 was revolutionary for the education industry, marked by technological advancements and innovations. From the next generation of technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to various novel educational trends, including hybrid learning, e-learning platforms, and project-based education, amongst others, they gained tremendous popularity. As we look forward to an optimistic 2024, the established trends are anticipated to become more sophisticated while paving the way for a series of new ones, reshaping the educational industry altogether.

(The author, Dr. Ashutosh Pandey, is from the Marketing Area, FORE School of Management, New Delhi.)

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