Friday, December 1, 2023

TS agricultural output up 145%

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Telangana’s Agriculture production has increased by 145.45% from 2014-15 (154 lakh tonnes) to 2022-23 (378 lakh tonnes). A report titled ‘Agriculture in Telangana, from Plight to Pride’ was released on the progress in 10 years by Agriculture Minister S. Niranjan Reddy on Friday.

Telangana’s share in the all-India gross cropped area increased by 134.65% in 10 years. The share in the all-India Gross cropped area increased from 2.28% in 2014-15 to 5.35% in 2022-23. The gross irrigated area more than doubled from 62 lakh acres in 2014-15 to 135 lakh acres in FY23.
In 2014, the cultivated area was one crore 31 lakh acres and by 2022-23 it increased to 2 crore 38 lakh acres. The increase in cultivated area is one crore seven lakh acres (81.6 %). Grain production in 2014-15 was only 68 lakh tonnes, but by 2022-23 it reached a record level of around 300 lakh tonnes.
The Telangana government purchased 722.92 lakh tonnes of paddy at a cost of Rs 1,33,000 crore after the formation of Telangana. The procurement of crops other than paddy is valued at Rs 11,439.06 crore.
So far 1,11,320 farmer families have received Rs 5,566 crore as payment of insurance compensation through Rythu Bhima.
Loans amounting to Rs 16,144.10 crore of 35.31 lakh farmers were waived and the waiver of loans worth Rs 13,000.51 crore (up to Rs 1,40,000) of 22,98,039 farmers is going on. The process to waive the loans of the remaining farmers is going on.
The total loans waived amounts to Rs 19,440 crore.
The government spent Rs 29,144.61 crore to waive the loans of 58.29 lakh farmers in two instalments after 2014.
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