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TS Assembly approves TIMS Act

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The Telangana Legislature has approved the establishment of the Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) by passing the TIMS Act 2023.

The initiative Chief Minister KCR aims to transform TIMS hospitals into a world-class medical institute that offer cutting-edge medical services and training facilities for medical students.
In a recent statement, Health Minister Harish Rao highlighted the importance of TIMS in addressing the gaps in super speciality medical services.

He emphasised that after treatment in district hospitals, patients have to rely on the Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) or private hospitals for super speciality care.

The government plans to provide 10,000 super speciality beds in NIMS, Warangal Health City and TIMS hospitals, ensuring that people have access to super speciality services.

TIMS will function as an autonomous medical institute like AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, IITs and IIMs. Autonomy will empower the organisation to make swift decisions enabling rapid progress in education and in delivering medical services.

The institute will have a comprehensive range of medical facilities, including a 1,000-bed super speciality hospital with specialised departments to provide treatment for heart, kidney, liver, brain and lung problems.

TIMS will also offer education in 16 specialities and 15 super specialities along with medical PG courses, nursing and paramedical courses in super specialities.

The institute will house 30 departments, including those for cancer treatment, trauma services, endocrinology, allergy and rheumatology and advanced labs.

TIMS will have 200 faculty members and around 500 resident doctors, 26 fully equipped operation theatres, a heart cath lab, kidney dialysis, chemotherapy facilities as well as CT scan and MRI facilities. Dedicated oxygen supply for 1,000 beds, including 300 ICU beds will also be available along with residential quarters for residents.

By strengthening the state’s healthcare infrastructure with TIMS, the government aims to provide quaternary healthcare services to the people and establish itself as a leader in medical education and advanced medical facilities.

The Chief Minister, as the President of the institution and Chancellor of the University, will lead the charge in driving TIMS towards excellence, fostering a robust healthcare system, and delivering high-quality medical services.

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