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TS boosting health infra

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Preparing for eventuality worse than Covid: KCR

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said that the Telangana government is strengthening the healthcare system across the state to be ready for eventuality worse than Coronavirus. The Chief Minister asked the Health Department to focus on proper PR exercise, planning as well as enhanced access to telemedicine so that patients need not go abroad for health facilities.

KCR said, “Allocation of funds in the Budget for the medical sector was Rs. 2,100 crore in 2014. Allocations in 2023-24 are Rs. 12,367 crore.
This is enough to say how much progress progressTelangana has achieved. The Medical Department has been a priority. The government is expanding the department.
We increased the bed capacity from 17,000 beds to 50,000 beds. We have increased the existing oxygen beds to 50,000. We have set up our own 550 tonne oxygen producing plants without depending on the Centre”.
The Chief Minister formally launched the distribution of nutrition kits to pregnant women. KCR presented Nutrition kit to – Parvathi of Udayanagar Colony, Parveenamma of Bholanagar, Shirishamma of MBT Nagar, Panjagutta Tejaswini of Pratap Nagar, Sujathamma of Sriram Nagar and Renukamma of Ambedkar. KCR laid the foundation stone for a 2,000-bed Medical Block at NIMS on Wednesday.
KCR said that to provide the best services to people, the state should be ready to face any pandemic like Corona.
The Telangana Health Department had done a great job during the Corona period. “In today’s times when the medical system is breaking new ground, doctors should study the conditions in our state and make plans to provide medical services accordingly,” he said.
KCR said: “When asked to advise how to protect people in the face of such situations like Corona, they said that where the health system is well-armed and strengthened, there will be fewer casualties. Otherwise, the losses would be high, they said.
The priority of the Health Department can be understood by this. Since then, thinking that the Health Department should be prepared to face any health emergency, we called the Health Department ministers and officials and discussed for hours, days and weeks and increased the budgetary allocations to give the necessary financial stimulus.”

Nutrition kits are provided to pregnant women. KCR said, “We are building big hospitals in the state. We are building a super specialty hospital like no other in the world in Warangal.

NIMS’ bed strength increased to 1,500 from 900. Now, we are constructing another 2,000 beds. We are building four super specialty hospitals on four sides under TIMS in Hyderabad. Excellent medical services are available right here without there being any need to go abroad. Better use of telemedicine will create wonders”.

KCR said, “At what stage are we today and how far we have to go? What are the new innovations to be made? What are the measures to be taken? I request the health authorities to allocate more time for such plans. There is a saying “Best planning is half success”. How much better the healthcare sector could be! There is still a long way to go.

You should better think about how you can achieve these goals. Doctors are great, good-hearted people. If the poor come for treatment, when beds are not available, they will provide treatment by putting a bed below even if they work half an hour more with a generous heart. That is a fact. But the media is distorting the news by saying that patients are being made to lie down”.

The Chief Minister said there was no proper public relations (PR) exercise for health officials. “There are no admirers, other than those who criticize you.These are the experiences I have had on occasions where I have talked to you for hours. We also need to think in terms of humanity.

PR should be developed so that the services provided by the Medical Department reach the public. PR of the medical sector should increase well as it is a department that is closely linked to people. Actions should be taken so that people know what the Health Department is doing for the welfare of people. If you try, you will get results”.

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