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TS has 3.17cr voters

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PNS | Hyderabad

Telangana has an almost equal number of male and female voters at 1.58 crores each and a total 3.17 crore voters. After the completion of the second special summary revision of electoral rolls, the final electoral roll was published in all 119 Assembly constituencies on October 4.

The number of electors in the final roll is 3,17,17,389. Of this, 1,58,71,493 are males, 1,58,43,339 are females and 2,557 belong to the third gender. There are 15,338 service electors and 2,780 overseas electors.

There was a net increase of 5.8% in the number of electors after January 2023. In the process of publication of the final roll, applications received before September 19, 2023, were disposed of. As a result, from the date of draft publication of the roll till September 28, there were 17,01,087 additions, 6,10,694 deletions and 5,80,208 corrections of entries.

As the rolls were frozen on September 28 to enable the generation of the final roll and printing, 57,617 applications received before September 19, 2023, could not be disposed of before the freezing of the roll.

However, all these applications have now been disposed and eligible voters will be able to vote in the Assembly elections. Serilingampally has 6.9 lakh voters and Bhadrachalam has 1.46 lakh voters. In a fitting tribute to the spirit of inclusiveness behind the electoral process, the gender ratio of the electoral roll has improved from 992 on January 5 to 998. The gender ratio in the 18 to 19 age group has improved from 707 to 743.
There are 4,43,943 voters who are above 80 years old and 5,06,493 PwDs. The number of third-gender persons has increased to 2,557.

It is important to note that although the final roll has been published, the exercise of continuous updating of the electoral roll will continue. All eligible persons (who have completed 18 years of age on 1.10.2023 and who are otherwise eligible) who could not make an application for enrolment earlier are once again requested to apply for inclusion in the roll.All citizens are requested to check their enrolment details like the polling station they are attached to by logging on to or through the Voter Helpline App (VHA).

In case of any mistakes in enrolment details, the elector can apply for correction using Form 8, online or on VHA or through the BLO. It is pertinent to mention that intensive efforts have been made in the last two years to clean up the electoral roll. As a result of these efforts, a total of 22,02,168 dead, duplicate and residence-shifted voters have been removed from the electoral roll. 4,89,574 of these voters are from the GHMC area and surrounding areas.

2,47,756 dead voters have also been deleted from the electoral rolls this year. In the efforts to purify electoral rolls, a lot of work has gone into detecting and making corrections to entries in the electoral roll. Multiple rounds of house-to-house surveys and verifications have been taken up and 14,24,694 corrections of entries have been done in the electoral roll in this year compared to the average 2 to 3 lakh corrections being done annually in the past.

Similarly, an exercise to verify all voters in houses having more than six voters was also carried out. The addresses of 4,15,824 voters (mostly apartments /portions in the same building having same door numbers) were corrected. 3,94,968 voters who migrated within a constituency from one polling station to another and 64,661 voters who migrated from one constituency to another were allotted the correct polling station.

Similarly, house number corrections were carried out for 73,364 voters who were identified in ERONet as having null, zero or special characters house numbers.

Urban areas witnessed a lot of migration and shifting. To ensure that all residents in urban areas are enrolled in the voters’ list, a campaign to cover 4,605 RWAs was launched and 757 teams covered 4,605 multi-storey buildings and gated communities by involving Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs).

As a result, 50,907 Form-6s and Form 8s were collected and disposed of to enable them to vote. A remarkable achievement of the present SSR is the enrolment of 5,32,990, 18 to 19-year-old voters from January 6 till September 28.

As a result, the electoral rolls have 8,11,640 new voters in the 18 to 19 age group. This constitutes 2.56% of the electoral roll. Never in the past was this percentage achieved. This was achieved by identifying 18+ citizens in their colleges through a dedicated AERO and by other methods like obtaining the list of students who appeared in the Class X exam from 2019 to 2022 etc.

A key reason for such a high level of disposals during the 2nd SSR is the extensive training of BLOs in July. In this training exercise, 618 trainers trained all BLOs and BLO Supervisors in the state on the role and responsibilities of BLOs including the operation of the BLO App.

It is reiterated that all pending claims and objections will be disposed of. Eligible citizens who have not applied yet must file their application in Form-6 for enrolment or Form-8 for shifting within or outside the constituency. These applications can be filed up to 10 days before the last date of filing nominations.

All applications can be filed through / Voter Helpline App (VHA) or by contacting the BLO. In case of any complaints, citizens can contact the voter helpline 1950 of the ECI.

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