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TS issues notification for liquor licences for 2 years

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Telangana Government has permitted to issue notification calling for applications for retail liquor A4 shops in the State for the license period 2023-25.

Application fee for each application for each A4 liquor shop shall be fixed at Rs 2 lakh, same as during 2021-23 license period. This application fee is non-refundable.

According to Md Musharraf Ali Faruqui, Director, Prohibition and Excise, District Collectors will draw lots for identification of shops allotted for Gouds, SCs and STs on August 3.

Issuance of notification will be on August 4 while close of receipt of application will be August 18 at 6 pm. Shops opening will be on December 1.

The privilege of selling liquor by shop for the license period 2023 – 25, commencing from December 1, 2023 up to 30.11.2025, shall be granted through drawl of lots based on fixed shop excise tax.

Interested applicants or their authorised representatives may make applications in the prescribed application form. Partnership firms / companies are also eligible to apply. An applicant may submit more than one application for one A4 liquor shop.

However, each such application shall be accompanied with prescribed application fee.

The schedule for the entire process starting from identification of A4 liquor shops for allotment to Goud/ SC/ST category; issuance of notification and all other activities up to the start of operation of A4 liquor shops shall be specified by Commissioner / Director, Prohibition and Excise.

To ensure livelihood security for members of Goud community who have traditionally been in the profession of tapping/sale of toddy & liquor and for their economic uplift, 15% reservation for Gouds, 10% to SCs and 5% reservation to STs has been notified for allotment of A4 liquor shops.

Retail Shop Excise Tax for different population slabs in the license period 2023-25 are continued as such from license period 2021-23.

Special Retail Excise Tax (SRET) shall be collected at the same rates as during license period 2021-23 i.e, @ Rs 5 lakh per A4 liquor shop per annum.

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