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TS liabilities jump 94.8%

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The liabilities of Telangana have increased by 94.8 per cent in the last five years. The liabilities of the state were pegged at Rs 1,60,296.3 crore in 2018 and this has gone up to Rs 3,12,191.3 crore in 2022 as per budget estimates.

Telangana is among the top five states in the fifth position in the percentage of increase in liabilities.Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu’s liabilities have increased by more than 100 per cent from 2018 to 2022. As per data tabled in parliament, the Central Government said that the debt burden is increasing in Telugu states.

The Centre answered the questions asked by the MPs in the Lok Sabha on the debts of states.The Centre released the state-wise debt list. In 2017-18 alone, 95.9 per cent of the debts were recorded. As of 2017-18, the debt was 18.7 per cent compared to the previous year. The Centre said that the percentage of debt in the state’s GDP has been increasing in the last three years. In 2016, the outstanding liabilities of State Governments as a percentage of GSDP was 15.7 per cent but now TS saw a huge increase. By 2022, it is 27.4 per cent of outstanding liabilities of State Governments as a percentage of GSDP.

This percentage was 27.3 per cent in 2021. TS is at the fifth position in 2022 from the bottom when it comes to this percentage.India’s debt to GSDP is ratio is 58.7 per cent as per the 2022 provisional estimates while it was 61.6 per cent in 2020-21. TS is at the 25th position followed by Odisha, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. According to budget calculations, the debt of AP in 2018 was Rs 2.29 lakh crore.

Currently, the debt has reached Rs 3.98 lakh crore, according to the Union Finance Department. In 2017-18, compared to the previous year, the Centre said that debts have decreased by 9.8 per cent. It said that by 2020-21, the debt has increased by 17.1 per cent. It has been revealed that the percentage of debt in AP’s GDP has also increased in three years. In 2014, the debt percentage of the state’s GDP was 42.3 per cent, the Union Finance Department said. After 2014, the debt percentage of the state’s GDP decreased.

In 2015, the debt was 23.3 per cent of the state’s GDP. By 2021, it will be 36 per cent.
The liabilities of Andhra Pradesh have increased by 73.9 per cent in the last five years and the state is now in the 12th position.

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