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Direct fight likely between BRS, Cong


In the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections there is likely straight fight between the ruling and main opposition instead of a triangular fight. At present the ruling BRS and the main opposition Congress are competing with each other in Telangana.

The coming Telangana Assembly elections are going to decide the political future of BRS President and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, his son BRS working president KT Rama Rao and the Congress party. Though chances of coming to power are dwindling to the BJP, it is at the gaining end and not in the losing end.

The ambition of Chief Minister KCR on playing a key role in the national politics depends on the results of the Assembly elections.IT Minister KT Rama Rao becoming the Chief Minister depends on the success of his father KCR in the Assembly elections and in the national politics.

At the same time the future of the Congress party also depends on the Assembly results. After the formation of Telangana state, the Congress failed in the last two Assembly elections in coming to power. Compared to the last two Assembly elections the Congress is in a strong position in challenging the ruling BRS this time.

In the last two Assembly elections the BRS came to power easily as there was no strong opponent. But this time the BRS is going to face a tough fight from the Congress. If the Congress fails in the coming Assembly elections also its position in Telangana is like in the West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Till a few days ago the BJP also was in a strong position challenging the BRS and the Congress. After the defeat in the Karnataka Assembly elections the political position of the BJP in Telangana took a beating suddenly.

In addition to this, infighting among the BJP leaders has increased and they are making statements openly against the party interests. Some BJP leaders are planning to leave the party with a view that their party cannot defeat the ruling BRS. However the BJP is going to perform well compared to the previous Assembly elections. In the last Assembly elections the BJP won in only one seat.

Later, in the byelections the BJP won two seats. Interestingly, one seat in the Assembly elections and two seats in the byelections won by the BJP on the strength of candidates and not on the strength of the party. This time the BJP may win some good number of seats if the party leaders stop infighting and the leadership is able to prevent defections.

The coming Assembly elections have become prestigious to the BRS and the Congress. The party which comes to power in the Assembly elections will have bright chances in the coming Lok Sabha elections of winning a good number of Lok Sabha seats.

Retaining power in the Assembly elections and winning majority of the Lok Sabha seats in Telangana will give more strength to CM KCR in playing a key role in the national politics. The results of Assembly elections will have an effect on the coming Lok Sabha elections.

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