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KCR neglected poor, only aims to make his son Telangana CM: Amit Shah

K Venkateshwarlu

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has asserted that the BharatiyaJanata Party will form the government in Telangana on December 3rd under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “The BJP flag will fly on December 3rd. Time has come for doubleengine sarkar in Telangana,” Amit Shah saidat the Adilabad Jana Garjana public meeting on Tuesday.

Shah said that the BJP, upon coming to power, would conduct Telangana Liberation Day officially on September 17th in every district.

Amit Shah said that only the BJP could protect people from the ‘modern-dayRazakars’ in Telangana. Pink party’s car steering was in the hands of AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. BRS party worked in line with the directions of the Majlis party, he alleged.

Amit Shah called upon the people of Telangana to dethrone the KCR government. The Union Minister said that KCR had done nothing for Adilabad in the last 10 years rule. KCR’s aim was to make his son KT Rama Rao the Chief Minister. KCR worked only for his family, always thinking about his son and daughter. “But Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks about the poor. PM Modi made Adivasi daughter as President of India. BJP brought many schemes for the sake of Adivasis,” he said.

Not a single allegation of corruption had been levelled against Modi in the last 9 years, he said. KCR did not fulfil a single assurance made by him in the last 9 years. There was a need to bring Janata Sarkar and not a government that worked for the sake of “son and daughter”. There was need for a government in Telangana that would work for the sake of the poor, farmers and Adivasis, he underlined.

Amit Shah said, “The Turmeric Board is coming very soon for the sake of turmeric farmers. We are constructing Adivasi memorial museums for the sake of Adivasi warriors with an outlay of Rs.200 crore”.He said that there was delay in setting up the Tribal University as the KCR government had failed to find a location. PM Modi ensured that there would not be any water trouble to Telangana by changing the Krishna Tribunal rules.

KCR did not bother about farmers, dalits, tribals; however, Modi brought Women’sreservation law, Amit Shah said. He said that the Modi government had allocated Rs.1 lakh crore for tribals.

Amit Shah said that the Modi government had been constructing Ram Mandir in Ayodhya overcoming obstacles. The Modi government freed Kashmir by scrapping Article 370. The Modi government chased away enemies by conducting surgical strikes, he said.

Amit Shah said, “KCR says he made Telangana number one. But KCR made Telangana number one in suicides and corruption. KCR’s election symbol is a car, but its steering is in the hands of Owaisi. Do the people of Telangana needthe BRS government whose steering is with MIM? KCR speaks about Dalit Bandhu by giving it to few. But the same KCR did not speak about three acres of land. BJP only protects Telangana people from modern-dayRazakars,” he remarked.

Shah alleged that the Congress spoke about the poor but did nothing for them. “The same Congress leaders come wearing new clothes when elections come.”

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