Thursday, December 7, 2023

TSRTC chides GHMC for not clearing debris for 3 months

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Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is not getting cooperation from the other government departments at Mehdipatnam depot, said the TSRTC officials.
Commuters are facing a bad experience at the Mehdipatnam depot as debris, vegetable waste, construction material are being dumped near the depot. Auto-rickshaw drivers are stopping their vehicles in front of the bus depot and at the bus bays.  Fruit and vegetable vendors are obstructing the depot entrances. Though the Depot Manager complained to them a number of times, they are not listening.
Residents in the nearby vicinity said that the authorities have demolished the construction of the foot-over-bridge at the Rythu Bazaar. GHMC or HMDA authorities have not cleared the debris and silt for more than three months.  Vegetable and fruit vendors throw waste at the construction and demolition waste. Though the Depot Manager has gone to the GHMC office, they are saying that it is not our work but HMDA work. However, the HMDA officials say it is GHMC work. Auto-rickshaw drivers are obstructing buses as they are parking their vehicle in the way of the buses.
One of the officials at the Mehdipatnam RTC depot said, “A few months back I went to the GHMC office after they had not taken any action and I tweeted this issue on the social media. But the work has not been done yet and I tweeted on Tuesday again. During rainy season, the place is filled with mud and it creates inconvenience to the passengers.”

One of the RTC officials said, “We have been telling the auto-rickshaw drivers every day but they won’t listen to us. Though we complained to the police, they are not taking this issue seriously. Sometimes we had a heated argument with the auto-drivers. We have to focus on the development of the depot, but cannot clear the autos and remove the waste.”
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