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TTD limits quota to 1,000 a day

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Keeping in view the darshan priority of common people, TTD has limited the total number of Srivani tickets to 1,000 tickets per day. Out of 1,000 tickets, 750 are to be made available online while 250 tickets are made available at the current booking counter at the Airport. TTD has released 500 tickets online and the additional 250 will be released on January 11.

TTD has dispensed with the Srivani ticket issuing services in Madhavam Rest House. Henceforth the offline tickets will be issued only in the Tirupati Airport Counter to the Srivani donors on the production of their Boarding Pass.

The Srivani donors have to attach the Boarding pass to the Break darshan ticket. PNR number with Airline reference should also be entered in the ticket.

The staff members at VQC-I will verify the break darshan ticket along with the Boarding Pass and allow the genuine pilgrim alone for the darshan of Venkateswara.

‘Tiruppavada Seva’ to resume
The ‘Tiruppavada Arjita Seva’ is set to resume on January 12 in Tirumala temple. The pilgrims have to register at the CRO counter in Tirumala and through electronic dip 25 tickets will be issued on January 11 at 5 pm. The devotees are requested to make note of the above details.

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