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Tummala displays his strength in KCR style

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Tummala Nageswar Rao displayed his strength in Khammam by organising a rally of 1,000 cars and 2,000 bikes on Friday. This is a typical KCR-style show as KCR organises car rallies.

Tummala’s name was not in the list of 115 BRS candidates declared by KCR and he announced that he will contest alone in the Assembly elections and needs the people’s blessings.

Tummala Nageswara Rao went to Khammam from Hyderabad. Before going to Khammam, he met his associates, turned emotional and cried. After the announcement of the BRS candidates, the Tummala group is deeply unhappy as they did not get the Paleru ticket.

Thummala left with a huge convoy and his fans from all over the erstwhile district came in large numbers to give him a warm welcome while he is visiting Khammam.

Thummal’s visit to Khammam is exciting as there is a possibility that he will meet his fans in Khammam and discuss future plans.

The BRS ticket was given to Kandala Upender Reddy. Tummala was unhappy with this. MP Nama Nageswara Rao and Miryalaguda MLA Bhaskara Rao were sent to Tummala’s house in Hyderabad to pacify him. The two met and held talks with Tummala, but it seems that Tummala is still unhappy.

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