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Turmoil continues in TS Cong

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K Venkateshwarlu

Turmoil is still continuing in the Telangana Congress as party leaders have not yet stopped issuing statements even after AICC observer Digvijaya Singh came to Hyderabad and took the opinions of the two groups of Congress leaders.

However, it is learnt that senior leaders are angry with one of their fellow leaders for changing his stand and becoming neutral and leaving them to their fate. It is learnt that one senior leader is playing a double game making the other senior leaders feel deceived.
One senior leader on condition of anonymity told ‘The Pioneer’ that their colleague played a smart role while staying along with them.

“It is a good experience for us. We will never believe him in future. We will make our own efforts to protect the rights of seniors. We will meet again to discuss it secretly,” he said.
However, the senior leaders, who have been claiming to be Original leaders, have been making allegations against the party saying that justice should be done to Originals.

Reacting to the question of journos on Saturday, VH said that there is a big danger to the party that leaders may quit if positions are not given to Original leaders.“So justice must be done to Original leaders. I explained it to Digvijaya Singh. Reacting to a question, VH said that journos will have to ask Digvijaya whether he is satisfied or not and there is no meaning in posing that question to seniors.Another senior leader said that everything depends on the response of the AICC and it is not right to discuss it now.

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