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Two more workers released from Dubai jail, return to TS

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Five persons belonging to Telangana have been granted freedom by Dubai jail authorities ending their plight in jail for over 18 years in a murder case.
In fact, two persons already reached the district long ago and two more landed in Telangana on Wednesday. One more person is going to be released from jail in Dubai in March.
Thanks to the efforts made by Siricilla MLA KT Rama Rao, most of the persons, who went to Dubai in search of livelihood, were freed from captivity.
Two others reached the RGIA here on Wednesday. Several emotional scenes were witnessed at the airport following their reunion with their family members at the airport after 18 long years.
Two months ago, Dundagula Lakshman, who hailed from Konaraopeta mandal in Siricilla district reached here, while Sivaratri Hanmantu of Manala village of Rudrang mandal reached Telangana two days ago upon release from jail in Dubai.
In 2005, Mallesam, Ravi, Hanmantu, Lakshman and Venkatesh left the country for Dubai in search of greener pastures.  Within six months of setting foot on Dubai soil, a watchman of Nepalese origin Bahadur Singh was murdered.  They were falsely implicated in the murder case because of poor communication facilities due to language problem. The Dubai court first sentended them to undergo jail term for 10 years. They went in appeal against the verdict forcing the court to increase their stentence to 25 years.
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