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Udh Di Phiran singer, Sunanda Sharma spends time with her cutest fans

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Sunanda Sharma, one of the popular singers from the industry, and the voice behind the iconic song, ‘Jaani Tere Naa’. Recently, her latest release, ‘Udh Di Phiran’, that’s gaining immense love and has been also used by bollywood’s favourite couple, Riteish and Genelia now too!

Sunanda recently took to her instagram to share an extremely adorable video of herself with her young fans, captioning it saying, “ I think this generation is my biggest support”. She is seen sweetly signing and giving away autographs to these young fans! She’s smiling and engaging with these oh so adorable fans, which is truly one of the best things!

A much lesser known fact about Sunanda Sharma is that she is the popular singer behind some of the best music ever heard! Be it, ‘Jaani Tere Naa’, ‘Tere Naal Nachna’, and ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’ among many others. Post the success of her latest ‘Udh Di Phiran’, fans are eagerly waiting on what’s next in the pipeline for Sunanda.

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