Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Uniting the hearts of Anime fans under one roof

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Anime, the popular animation niche and style that originates from Japan, has been gaining immense popularity, drawing all the world’s attention towards it.Now, here’s a good news for all the anime freaks! Bringing a one-of-a-kind experience for all the anime fans, Zee Cafe India has collaborated with Paytym Insider, bringing a two-day (October 21 and October 22) fest, bringing some fun activities including a live band performance by Daisuki, scintillating Cosplay, delectable Japanese cuisine, and an anime fan wall promising the anime freaks to give hell of an adventure.

The fest aims to unite all the anime fans by bringing them under one umbrella at the phoenix market city in Kurla, Mumbai. Bringing some more exciting details about the fest to you, The Pioneer interacts with the emcee of the fest Mihir Joshi, as he discloses that they have invited the India’s 1st cosplay band ‘Daisuki’ to make the event much more interesting. India’s top multidisciplaniary art “Santanu Hazarika” will be also joining the anime freaks to show his passion and love for the anime also going to perform few acts in the fest.

Explaining the reasons behind making the fest abosultely free Mihir explains, “We want to open the doors for everyone. While people are a little apprehensive about buying tickets on weekends, we see a lot of people walking in and out through the Phoenix Market, and at least if they entered the venue, they would experience the best of their evenings, Zeecafe did the smartest thing by making it free to grow the community.”

He also suggests that with few events being organised free of cost,  would be a great initiative to build a stronger community in future.Embracing different cultures and artforms, Mihir shares, “Anime is not about intending people to spread its culture but its more about spreading entertainment. While an Indian

origin performs Barathanatyam in US do it not to spread the Indian culture? It’s more about getting joy and want to continue the tradition of dancing, also we see people enjoying the punjabi music irrespective of where it was originated, and its all about being entertained.”
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