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VH asks Nitish to continue attempts to unite opposition

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Senior Congress leader V. Hanumantha Rao appealed to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to continue his attempts to unify opposition parties to give a tough fight to the BJP in the next LS elections.

VH, who is in Bihar, sent a letter on Monday to Nitish Kumar regarding this. In his letter, VH praised the efforts of Nitish Kumar to bring the opposition on a single platform and to achieve unity among opposition parties against the BJP government.

He said that it is now quite evident that unless opposition parties are united it is difficult to defeat the BJP. United we will win, divided we will lose the battle, he said.

VH said that everyone is aware that the Modi government had done nothing good for the people in the last eight years. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is on a privatisation spree of PSUs like the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). In his over-enthusiasm, he is ignoring the ‘strong public opinion’ against privatisation, he said.

The anger of the farming community is being totally ignored by Modi. His dictatorial attitude and arbitrary decisions have to be strongly condemned by the opposition, he said.

He said that the NDA government is turning a deaf ear to the requests from OBCs to conduct a caste-wise census. In 2018, when Rajnath Singh was the Home Minister he openly stated that a caste-wise census would be conducted. But his assurance is yet to see the day of the light.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who hails from an OBC community is also ignoring this important issue. Modi is pro-rich and is crushing commoners, he said.

He said that like the Congress, Nitish is also pro-poor and is striving for social justice. He said that recently Nitish met Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik of Orissa and NCP chief Sharad Pawar as part of his attempts to unite the opposition against the BJP.

VH said that Rahul Gandhi is already supporting Nitish. “I am quite confident that you (Nitish Kumar) alone can bring unity among the opposition to fight the BJP,” VH said.

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