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Vidya Balan opens up about her intimate scenes in Do Aur Do Pyaar

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His weekend, Vidya Balan is scheduled to feature in Do Aur Do Pyaar. The actor, who is paired opposite Pratik Gandhi, portrays a woman who is having an extramarital affair but is trapped in a loveless marriage. A few private moments between Vidya and Pratik were hinted at in the trailer. Now that she has spoken up about the sequences, Vidya claims that during “uncomfortable or intimate scenes,” her laughter acted as a consolation.
In a recent interview, Vidya said, “As actors, we are trained to portray characters, but most of the time, my laughter on the sets gave enough breather to the discomforting or intimate scenes. The way this film is written is pleasing; there is a light touch to a subject like infidelity. The writing is very fun and nuanced at the same time, which is a very fine balance. The film could have become very serious or frivolous.”
In addition to Vidya and Pratik, Ileana D’Cruz and Sendhil Ramamurthy also feature in Do Aur Do Pyaar. The duo is seen cheating on one another in the trailer. Sendhil is shown to be dating Vidya, but Pratik develops feelings for Ileana D’Cruz. There are moments when every couple tries very hard to make their marriage work. Pratik asks Illeana’s character who the father is when she gets pregnant. The romantic comedy slice-of-life portrays the interpersonal strife, confusion, insecurity, and discontent of city lovers.

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