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Vishal on getting accolades, says, ‘I don’t believe in awards at all’

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Vishal, an actor, declared that he has little faith in accolades and that if he receives any, he will throw them away. Mark Antony, directed by Adhik Ravichandran, is Vishal’s forthcoming film. In honour of Vinayaka Chavithi, the film will be released on the 15th of this month.

In this context, Vishal replied to a question related to the National Awards at a program held in Chennai. “I do not believe in awards at all. The real award is given by all the people together. With the blessings of the audience, I have been standing in the industry for many years and acting in films. Actually, that is the biggest award for me” he said. He added that upon getting an award for the films in which he acted in, he would throw them in the dust bin.

Vishal’s Mark Antony teaser was recently published, and the film’s visuals and footage appear absolutely bizarre, much to the director Adhik’s standard. The teaser’s depiction of everyone killing someone or the other makes it difficult to determine who is the hero and who is the evil.

Mark Antony also stars Selva Raghavan, Suneel, Abhinaya, and Ritu Varma in significant roles, in addition to Vishal and SJ Suryah. The songs for the film were written by GV Prakash Kumar. Mark Antony is a science fiction film set in the 1980s and the present, with characters time-traveling via phones.

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