Thursday, July 25, 2024

Vishwak Sen promises to donate his organs 

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Popularly known as Mass Ka Das, Vishwak Sen participated as the chief guest at the Metro Retro event dedicated to promoting organ donation. The event aimed to raise awareness and support for the noble cause of organ donation, emphasising its importance in saving lives.
During the event, Vishwak Sen made a significant pledge by announcing his decision to donate his organs, setting an inspiring example for others to follow. His gesture has garnered widespread appreciation, highlighting his dedication to humanitarian causes.
Encouraging everyone present to join him in this noble endeavour, Vishwak Sen urged people to consider pledging their organs, emphasising the impact it could have on transforming and saving lives. Director Sailesh Kolanu, who collaborated with Vishwak Sen on the blockbuster HIT, also graced the occasion, adding to the event’s significance.
In his upcoming projects, Vishwak Sen continues to explore diverse and impactful roles. Following his appearance in Gangs of Godavari, he is set to captivate audiences with the upcoming mass-action entertainer Mechanic Rocky.

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