Thursday, November 30, 2023

Vishwak Sen wishes a blockbuster hit forVidhi

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The upcoming film Vidhi, starring Rohit Nanda and Anandi in lead roles, is making headlines. Ranjith S producing the film Vidhi under No Idea Entertainment. This movie written and directed by Srikanth Ranganathan and Srinath Ranganathan. Sri Charan Pakala is providing music for this movie. Srinath Ranganathan worked as cinematographer.
Vidhi releasing worldwide on November 3rd, and on Monday makers unveilds the film’s teaser in a grand launch event. Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen was the chief guest at the teaser launch event organized in this regard. In this event,Vishwak Sen said, “Ranjith, the producer of this movie, is my friend. I wish I had a brother like him.
Looking at these directors, I feel that it would be better to have a brother to help in the production and to be a support like this. Anandi will not make any film, it has a lot of importance, then she will sign thr project. The movie is going to release on November 3. I wish blockbuster hit for the team. The producer should get good profits. Everyone should watch the movie in the theatre.”
Producer Ranjith said, “Our directors and hero have done a wonderful job. It will not feel like their first movie. No one can imagine the story of the movie. It will be wonderful. The story is very fresh. Everyone should watch our movie in theatres ans support us.” Director Srikanth said, “I think my content should speak before me. We are coming with good content. The film is going to release on November 3.”
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