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Vizag city police celebrate women’s power

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On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Visakhapatnam city police honoured and felicitated the women serving in the force in a grand ceremony. Discussions revolving around women’s empowerment and the necessary measures for women to ascend to greater heights marked the event. Distinguished women officers, including Kalyani Garu, CI Disha, N. Sunita Garu, SI PM Palem, and KV Jyoti Garu, shared their insights on empowering women.
Commissioner of Police Dr A Ravi Shankar underscored the invaluable contributions of women in every sphere of society, including the police force. He acknowledged the dedication, courage, and resilience exhibited by women officers within the Vizag City Police Department and beyond. Commissioner Shankar stressed the importance of recognising and celebrating the achievements of women not only on International Women’s Day but every day, emphasising the need for continued efforts to foster gender equality and empower women to excel in their respective fields.
Joint CP K. Fakkirappa announced the formation of the Vizag City Police Mahila Cooperative Society aimed at empowering women within the department. A substantial financial boost of Rs 10 lakh from the Police Corpus Fund was allocated to enhance financial security for women officers. The society, inclusive of all women in the department, is set to commence operations soon.
During the event, Chief Guest Roshni Aparanji Korati, Joint Development Commissioner, Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone, released the book titled Andhra Pradesh Government – Police Department Family Counselling Report. Korati praised the grand celebration organised by the Police Department and encouraged women to pursue their aspirations without restraint, contributing to the overall uplift of women.
The programme concluded with the felicitation of 26 outstanding women officers from the City Police Department. Each officer received a certificate of appreciation and an award, recognising their exceptional contributions. The women lauded the recognition and expressed gratitude for the establishment of the Mahila Cooperative Society.

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