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We’ll take stern action against culprits: DIG

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Anantapur Range DIG RN Ammiredy has vowed to take firm action against those responsible for attacking the police during a violent incident at Angalla village near Punganur in combined Chittoor district on Friday.

Addressing a press conference, accompanied by SP Y Rishant Reddy on Saturday, DIG Ammireddy stated that the police were assaulted with beer bottles, sticks, and stones, resulting in several officers sustaining bleeding injuries, currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

“We will not tolerate any attacks on the police or attempts to disrupt law and order during Chandrababu Naidu’s visit. Stringent action will be taken against the perpetrators, whoever they may be, in accordance with the law,” emphasized the DIG.

The situation arose when Chandrababu Naidu’s route was unexpectedly altered, leading to a confrontation with the police who were on duty in the area. The mob clashed with the police, removing barricades, pelting stones, and setting fire to police vehicles, causing significant damage, the DIG reported.

“Dedicated to protecting lives and property, the police do not align with any political party and remain unbiased. The incident in Punganur is deeply unfortunate,” stated DIG Ammireddy.

The DIG commended the police for their restraint during the clash, as they chose not to use their weapons despite being armed.

SP Rishant Reddy revealed that the TDP leaders did not obtain permission to enter Naidu’s convoy in Punganur. The police were informed by the TDP about the visit and had deployed 400 personnel at Angalla village for security purposes, he asserted.

Naidu’s convoy, however, attempted to enter Punganur instead of following the highway route to Chittoor, leading to an argument with the police officials.

“Around 2000 rioters acted inhumanely, attacking the police with beer bottles, sticks, and stones, following a pre-planned approach. In the clash, approximately 50 police personnel were injured, with 13 suffering serious injuries. One constable sustained an injury to the left eye, affecting his vision,” claimed SP Rishant Reddy.

Based on CCTV footage, 40 rioters have been identified so far, and all those involved in the clash will be arrested, he added.

Earlier, the DIG and SP visited the injured police personnel undergoing treatment in the hospital. The DIG provided Rs 10,000 in financial assistance to the injured officers and wished them a speedy recovery.

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