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What did Naidu do for people, asks Sajjala

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Government Advisor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has alleged that Chandrababu Naidu invited Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to the Yuvagalam closing ceremony fearing that people will not come to the meeting. Sajjala said that only Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy can love people and sympathize with their hardships.
Sajjala spoke to the media persons on Thursday, and asked what Chandrababu did for the people during 2014 to 19. Now, the people of the State are not in a position to believe Chandrababu’s promises. He asked what the communication gap between Chandrababu and Pawan was. Behind-the-scenes deals between them should be exposed to the public, said Sajjala.
Sajjala said that CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is in the heart of everyone in the State for providing welfare for the past four-and-a-half years.
He flayed Chandrababu for giving promises as if a new party was being floated to cheat the people once again. He said when people hear the name Janmabhoomi Committee, they get scared. Only people like Ramoji and Radhakrishna want Chandrababu to come to power soon. Their main plan was if Chandrababu is back, they can start looting the State again.
But, the people of Andhra Pradesh want Jagan Mohan Reddy as the Chief Minister of the State again and again. Pawan says that he would support Chandrababu for a long-term. If so, why did Pawan float a party? He said that people who are behind Pawan Kalyan think in a different way and don’t want Chandrababu to be made CM, Sajjala said.
The Government Advisor alleged that Pawan and Chandrababu have no address in AP while the TDP supporting media are hell bent on false propaganda against the YSRCP government.   He said that
More than 6.5 lakh jobs have been given to the unemployed. During the TDP regime, not even 30,000 jobs were given.
New projects have been taking shape in AP on a large scale but the yellow media cannot see the development, alleged Sajjala.

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