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‘When you are going through your lows, you’ll understand showbiz internally’

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In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, actor Parambrata Chatterjee, who will next be seen in Sudhir Mishra’s series Jehanabad-Of Love & War, shared some insights about the upcoming series.

TShikha Duggal

here are some actors dabbling in sci-fi, others dipping their toe into fantasy, and some may even make an appearance in a horror film, but what are they doing? They all are returning to the safety of the genres in which they feel more comfortable.On the contrary, popular Bengali actor Parambrata Chatterjee is chasing award-winning films.

Enjoying and celebrating his character with critically acclaimed director Sudhir Mishra’s series Jehanabad-Of Love & War — you’ll see this fun little actor in a very nuanced avatar. An actor who has also committed to films such as Kahaani and others are having a good time right now and talks to us about it. “I am not always so hyperconscious about the roles that come my way — I hate overthinking.The production company, as in the big banners, does not matter to me, the concept does.”

An actor who is always on the go for working life and whose parents were themselves, film critics, also informed us, “Everyone would love to leave a lineage behind, for posterity, and would be happy to do so if the stars are aligned.Talking about the series, there is not just Islamic radicalism that’s going on around the world — there are other immoderations too. Islam is being abandoned in many corners of the world; it’s depressing. Some are even operating cowardly in propagating this exorbitance.”

The character actor who is frequently targeted by fundamentalists for his secularist views is known for his bravery in embarking on a contentious series like this in which he plays a dark character. He continued, “I protest against this intemperance. We live in a civilised society, and such groups should be shunned if they only want to spread ignorance. My state isn’t devoid of caste politics, probably it’s lacking “caste sensibility.” And it’s more inclined toward remote areas. When you are in West Bengal, “caste” will never get in the way of your daily interaction.”

His roles have always steadfastly stuck with the audiences, and he sees through the heavyweight roles so well. Because of his outspoken nature, Parambrata was probably the right choice for the series that will dive headfirst into the Naxal world. He’s got this! He continued, “Not everyone is your friend in this industry, when you really are going through your lows: you’ll understand showbiz internally. A gentleman complimented me once: “you do not try very hard to get noticed” and that stuck with me.”

He never settled into the bland rut of the A-list movie stars, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it is going to be intense and real. “I was filming continuously in a prison house, which used to be a functioning jail very recently. It was tough: not a bright, vibrant place to shoot. They house people with anger, sorrow, and grief.

That was pretty intense on its own. And, as a civilian, I have been hearing folklore since the Naxalite movement was at its peak in our area. Many of my family members sympathised with their “cause”, not the means, obviously. More so as a Bengali, who has also grown up with more leftist ideologies. But when I start acting, I do not subscribe to that specific ideology because I am versatile. A goon/murderer cannot be a leftist. So, while playing a Naxalite commander — yes, I sympathised with their cause. They could have adopted the means though.”

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