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When Zeyn Shaw paused on his intimate scene while showing it to his mother..

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Zeyn Shaw who played Veer Ahuja in his Netflix’s one of the most popular shows of recent times Class, while has been showered with praises and love from across quarters for his debut performance, his mother had the most epic reaction to his intimate scenes.

Showcasing the dark and gritty aspects of elite schools in Delhi and the divide of class and status between the rich and poor of the capital, Class presented mature concepts like drugs, sex, and violence. When Zeyn Shaw’s mother was recently quizzed about her reaction to her son’s show, she responded in the coolest way possible, reflecting her love and pride for her son.

Responding to the dark themes portrayed, she said, “Honestly, I wasn’t freaked out, when his making out scene came, he (Zeyn) said, ‘Mom look the other way’, I said, ‘Just shut up, it’s okay, it’s fine’. I loved it (the show), from the first episode, I said it’s a hit. I am very proud of him.”

Standing out with his impactful performance in show that launched 11 new actors, Zeyn Shaw’s talent and passion made a mark garnering reviews as one of the most promising actors in the time to come.

As the show has been revived for the second second, Class has been amongst the most popular and watched shows of Netflix. Along with the same, Zeyn Shaw is also currently gearing for an interesting line-up of films and shows to be announced soon.

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