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Where is Naidu? asks Jogi Ramesh

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Housing Minister Jogi Ramesh has raised concerns over the unexplained absence of Opposition Leader N Chandrababu Naidu, questioning why he left the country without informing even his party or the media.
Speaking to reporters at the party’s central office on Tuesday, Jogi Ramesh alleged that Naidu may have fled to Dubai to conceal illicit funds.
“The people of the State and TDP leaders are unaware of Chandrababu Naidu’s whereabouts,” Jogi remarked. “Our leader, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, always informs the public of his travel plans. But where is Chandrababu? Is he in Dubai, Italy, or America? The State deserves to know.”
The Minister suggested that Naidu, known for his constant media presence, secretly flew abroad with his wife, Bhuvaneshwari, from Hyderabad’s Shamshabad Airport. Initial reports claimed Naidu went to the US for medical tests, but Jogi Ramesh speculated otherwise.
“Despite the TDP’s efforts, the people of Andhra Pradesh will ensure a YSRCP victory in the upcoming elections, reaffirming their trust in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy,” Jogi Ramesh stated confidently. He said that no matter the conspiracies by TDP and Jana Sena, the YSRCP will prevail. He also predicted a decisive win in Penamaluru.
Jogi Ramesh accused Naidu of inciting violence and manipulating the system to his advantage. “Chandrababu Naidu’s actions led to the transfer of SPs and Collectors and caused unrest in Palnadu, Tirupati, and Anantapur districts,” he claimed.
“False information provided by Purandeswari to the Election Commission resulted in senior IAS/IPS officers’ transfers, escalating the riots.”
The Minister highlighted that even though YSRCP members faced serious charges, they remained resilient. “Despite Section 304, 307, and SC/ST cases against us, we stood firm.”
In a surprising twist, TDP NRI wing leader Komati Jayaram, a close associate of Naidu, declared that Naidu did not travel to the US. Jogi insinuated that Naidu, known for funnelling illegal funds through shell companies, might be in Italy based on recent reliable information. The secrecy surrounding Naidu’s trip has fuelled widespread speculation and discussion.

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