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Will Cong and BJP open their account in AP Assembly polls?  

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Will the Congress and the BJP open their account in the forthcoming Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections?  After the bifurcation of the State, the Congress did not have representation in the Assembly of residuary State of Andhra Pradesh. In the last two Assembly elections, the Congress failed even in securing deposits. With the TDP alliance the BJP was able to win four seats in 2014 Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. But in the 2019 Assembly elections, the BJP which contested alone failed to open its account. In the previous Assembly elections though Pawan Kalyan was defeated in two seats, his party Jana Sena was able to win one seat. Now in the coming Assembly elections the TDP,  Jana Sena and the BJP formed an alliance and fighting with the ruling YSR Congress which is contesting alone like in the past Assembly elections.
The people of Andhra Pradesh have not forgetten the wound of State bifurcation and are angry with the Congress with a feeling that it was responsible for the State bifurcation. Compared to previous two Assembly elections, this time it seems that the Congress has picked up, particularly after the appointment of  YS Sharmila as APCC president.
 All these days there were admissions to the Congress and some leaders left the party. Now the Congress is witnessing admissions. In the 2014 Assembly elections, the Congress secured 2.8 % votes and in 2019 Assembly elections 1.2% votes were secured.
Regarding the BJP, it has secured 2.2% votes in 2014 Assembly elections and won 4 seats in the alliance with the TDP. In the 2019 Assembly elections, the BJP contested alone and secured 0.9% votes only. The Jana Sena secured 5.6% votes in 2019 Assembly elections and won only one seat. Interestingly, in 2014, the BJP secured 2.2% votes and won four seats, but the Jana Sena in 2019 Assembly elections secured 5.6% votes and  won only one seat. The present Assembly consists of three political parties YSRCP, TDP and Jana Sena as per the assembly records. In the coming Assembly elections, the YSRCP and the TDP are sure to have their representation in the new Assembly. Have to wait to know still how many parties will suceed in having their representation in the new Assembly.

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