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Will end Razakar Raj, establish Ram Rajya in TS: Sanjay

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Telangana BJP President Sanjay said that they organised the ‘Hindu Ektha Yatra’ to destroy Razakar Raj and to establish Ram Rajya in Telangana.

He said that they will not allow the TS government to ban Bajrang Dal and made it clear that they will not keep mum if reservations are given to Muslims.

Sanjay asked the Telangana Hindus, who constituted 80 per cent of the population, to give him a chance to make the Secretariat Nalla Pochamma Temple a Golden Temple. He asked the BRS government whether it will give only a mere two and a half guntas to construct the Nalla Pochamma Temple.

He said that a Hindu means ‘Desha Bandhu’ but today they are stopping all Hindus. There is a need for Hindus to unite, he said.

Stating that they will bring about the Hindutva atmosphere in Telangana, Sanjay said that some people started raising ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans after the Congress won elections in Karnataka as there is no party in power to protect Hindus.

He said that the BJP is organising Hindu Ektha Yatra to check pseudo-secularists. He said that this Yatra is the answer to people who say there is no Hindutva in Telangana.

Addressing the Hindu Ektha Yatra held at Karimnagar on Sunday, Sanjay said that after Karnataka elections some people are asking the BJP not to speak about Hindutva and that the BJP will not come to power if it speaks about Hindutva.

“Is it true? They have to come and see Hindu Dharma Rakshaks in Karimnagar,” he said.

Declaring that nothing will happen if the BJP fails to win in one state, Sanjay said that the BJP is in power in 15 states. He said that India would have split further if there was no Hindutva. “There is no Bharat without Hindutva,” he said.

Sanjay asked people to ignore those who say that there is no unity among Hindus. The BJP will dethrone the Razakar Raj and Bakasura Raj in Telangana and establish Ram Rajya, he added.

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