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‘Will increase pension to Rs 4,000’

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TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu fiercely countered Andhra Pradesh’s incumbent Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, over YSRCP’s nefarious handling of volunteer roles and pension disbursements. Speaking at the Prajagalam public meeting in Kothapeta Assembly constituency on Wednesday, Chandrababu highlighted TDP’s stance on the volunteer system, emphasising that TDP never opposed it. He highlighted the Election Commission’s directive for government employees to handle pension distribution, citing the ample workforce available for the task.
Chandrababu criticised the YSRCP government for widespread discrepancies in pension distribution, contrasting their minimal increase in pension amounts with his proposed initiatives had he won in 2019. He pledged TDP’s commitment to raising pensions to Rs 4,000 and criticised the ruling party for engaging in heinous politics regarding pension distribution. Further, highlighting his past initiatives such as the Anna Canteens, Chandrababu lambasted Jagan for engaging in politics of falsehood openly. He pledged TDP’s dedication to implementing a door-to-door pension distribution scheme, asserting that the State treasury had been depleted under the current government. Moreover, Chandrababu addressed Jagan’s derogatory label of “Pasupathi,” interpreting it as a reference to Lord Shiva, and vowed to endure all insults and adversity with determination, likening his resilience to saving the world.
The TDP chief responded to Jagan Mohan Reddy’s recent reference to him as “Pashupati” in a Madanapalle Sabha. Chandrababu, seemingly unfazed, expressed amusement at the nickname, stating that being referred to as Pashupati, the Lord Shiva of the world, was not surprising given his own choice to adopt the avatar of Shiva. “Even if you accept me as Pashupati,” he asserted, “remember that Lord Shiva consumed poison to save the world.”
Chandrababu’s speech veered towards the current state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh, lamenting what he perceives as widespread anarchy characterised by seizures, attacks, killings, and illegal arrests.

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