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Work with dedecation, CM tells officials

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Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy appealed to all officers, particularly the collectors to work remembering late IAS officer SR Sankaran. Revanth Reddy said that the helpless have to get help and recalled that the late IAS officer Sankaran used to come to the Secretariat at 9am everyday and stayed till night to focus on solving the grievances of the helpless.
Sankaran refused to accept the Padma Bhushan award announced by the Central government stating that he performed his duties only. The Chief Minister said that the public representatives and officials have to work as a pair of oxen for the implementation of Congress government’s six guarantees.
The Chief Minister said that the IAS and IPS officers working in Telangana left their native State and village to work in Telangana for 35 years. He said that the officials are partners in the construction of Telangana State along with people. He said that the officials will not be able to solve the problems of the people if they fail to mingle with the people. The IAS and IPS officials are the drivers who implement the six guarantees.
The CM said that if there are any officers who are inconvenient to work, they can tell the CS and DGP and get rid of their duties. He made it clear that the officials have to perform their duties completely after taking the responsibility, whatever it may be. He said that there would be a review meeting every 4 months on Grama Sabhas.
While addressing the review meeting with the collectors, CPs and SPs held on Sunday at the Secretariat, Revanth Reddy said that the Congress government will behave friendly with the employees and officials. However, the government will initiate action if they behaved negligently.
The CM said that development doesn’t mean building and walls of kings. He recalled the words of Dr BR Ambedkar that development means the welfare schemes reached the last person.
The CM said that the government is handing over the responsibility of implementation of Abhaya Hastham programme with belief and confidence in the officials. The CM said that the selection of beneficiaries to be held transparently and ensure that the mistakes that took place in the previous government not to be repeated. He suggested the officials to mingle with the people and work sincerely and get praising from the government.
The Chief Minister said that the Congress government will not tolerate if anyone disturbs Telangana’s DNA ‘Freedom’. He made it clear that the officials or anyone disturbing the freedom of people have to go home. He asked the Ministers and special officers to supervise the Grama Sabhas in every village and in every segment.

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