Monday, March 4, 2024

World Cyber Security Day celebrated

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The Computer Science Department of Sri Durga Malleswara Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala organised an event to mark ‘World Cyber Security Day’ on the college premises in Vijayawada on Thursday. The event saw active participation from students, who showcased informative posters highlighting the significance of Cyber Security. During the event, students elucidated on the prevention of computer hardware and software theft, emphasizing the role of cybersecurity as a protective measure. In an era where the present generation heavily relies on computers, the internet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, the students underscored the importance of safeguarding digital assets.
Additionally, they provided insights into various measures to protect information from potential hackers.
College director Dr. T Vijaya Lakshmi, Principal Dr. S Kalpana, and Head of the Computer Science Department, M Praveena, were present.

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