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WTITC, TETA hold Arrival Summit

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The World Telugu Information Technology Council (WTITC), in collaboration with the Telangana Information Technology Association (TETA) has organised an Arrival Summit on Friday at T-Hub. This summit will be held on the first Friday of every month.
Telangana State IT Minister Shridhar Babu was the chief guest at the summit. He  said that he will give due priority to the WTITC and TETA in his administration which is moving forward with the agenda of the people’s government.
The IT Minister said that he has been associated with TETA since time immemorial. He recalled participating in the Bonala Jatara organised by TETA. He expressed happiness that the organisation has made his hometown Dhanwada a 100 per cent digital village. He appreciated Sandeep Makhta who played his role in the development of the IT industry in the State along with the State movement and said that his suggestions will be adopted in the new government as well.
Minister Sridhar said that running an organisation systematically for almost 14 years and expanding to 42 countries is a great feat. Mentioning that Sandeep’s work is commendable, he announced that he will definitely involve WTITC in the formulation of IT policy in his government. It is gratifying that the IT Minister of Karnataka praised the cities of Bengaluru and Hyderabad as country cousins.  He also revealed that he will continue the growth of Hyderabad’s IT industry and will work hard to make it a leader in the country. “We will work hard to make Hyderabad number one in the country”, he added.

 WTITC Chairman Sandeep Makhtala said that it is gratifying that IT Minister Sridhar Babu has recognised the work of his company. It is a pleasure to participate in the policies of the State government and he will continue to support the present government by participating in the movement.  T-Hub CEO Srinivas Mahankali, Srinivas Taluka, Wing Commander Anish, WTITC Chief Advisor EV Srinivas, Satish, Nelli Prasanna, Mahesh Konagalu, Elias, Sreeja Akula, Nitya, Ishwar Kottha, SBS Corp Kalya of America, N Chivkula, CEOs of various IT companies and industry leaders participated.
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