Thursday, November 30, 2023

YouTuber Nani among 3 held for fishing harbour fire

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Three persons, including YouTuber Nani were apprehended in connection with the fire that erupted at the fishing harbour in Visakhapatnam in the wee hours of Sunday. One of Nani’s boats had purportedly been rented to an individual named Balaji, who had paid an advance for its use.
The incident, unfolding on the day of the India-Australia ICC World Cup Final, garnered widespread attention after Nani recorded the chaotic scene.
The video, now viral and extensively shared on social media, depicts a devastating blaze consuming the boats moored at the fishing harbour. Nani, a prominent member of the fisherman community and a popular YouTuber, recounted the incident, emphasising the pandemonium that unfolded during the celebration on Monday night.

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